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We’ve been teaching the fundamentals of interactive audio for over a decade. Our classroom tested Courses and Game Lessons get right to the heart of the special nature of adaptive media, with many of our students going on to work for some of the world’s top game companies. The best way to learn about game audio is inside the game itself!

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Game Lessons are fully-playable games carefully designed to give you the tools you’ll need to conquer your game audio goals.

What Better Way To Learn About Game Audio Than Inside A Game?

Below are some examples of our top Game Lessons. Check out the step-by-step documentation to see if it’s a good fit for you. Then, when you’re ready, simply purchase the Game Lesson, download your project files, and you’re off to the races.

Mysterious Warehouse

In this bewildering puzzle escape game, you’ll learn all about how environment and structure determine your creative choices. Along the way, you’ll design your own sound effects, music, and voice over, and then implement them directly into the game. At the end you’ll make a fully contained build you can use for sharing with friends or for portfolio purposes to land work in the industry.

Smuggler’s Dilemma

Get your hands dirty and expand your mind with this third person shooter. This lesson covers all the bases from implementing sound, music, and VO assets to constructing FMOD Studio Events and triggering them in various ways. At the end you’ll make a fully contained build you can use for sharing with friends or for portfolio purposes to land work in the industry.

Day & Night

From the dawn of humanity, time has been defined and re-defined. Day to Night is a simple and fun adaptive exploration of creative audio design controlled by a single parameter. In this case, the parameter is time. 24 hours of time to be precise, just like real life. Your job will be to create music and ambient backgrounds that transition the player smoothly from morning, to afternoon to the dead of night and back again.

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With our synchronous and asynchronous lesson plans, you’re sure to find something to accommodate your interest, skill-level, and schedule.

New Book “The Theory And Practice Of Writing Music For Games” Available Now!

The nature of game music charges the modern-day composer with understanding a whole host of aesthetic and technical principles unique to the medium. Based on years of working in the field, as well as teaching the subject at colleges and universities, The Theory and Practice of Writing Music for Games is an invaluable resource for those looking for a classroom tested, directed course of study.

As players and composers, themselves, authors Steve Horowitz and Scott R. Looney share the inspiration and joy of game music with an emphasis on critical thinking and the creative process, exploring the parallels and distinctions to concert music, film, TV, cartoons, and other popular forms.

Each chapter builds on the next and guides the reader step by step through the essentials. Along with all the theory, a multitude of clearly defined hands-on projects and exercises are included, designed to prepare the reader to go out into the field with a complete understanding of the art and craft of music composition for games and visual media.

  • Discusses a variety of topics in a simple and easy-to-understand format.
  • Provides a valuable resource for teachers and students, anyone who is looking to build a career in music for games.
  • Breaks down the fundamentals needed to build your career.
  • Includes fun and practical exercises that strengthen your composer chops.

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I have known Steve for over ten years; his leadership and experience in game audio makes him the perfect person to educate the next generation of game audio professionals.”

Michael Sweet
I had the opportunity of attending Steve Horowitz and Scott Looney’s Game Audio Workshop at San Francisco State University this summer. The pace of the course was perfectly matched for everyone’s learning abilities and covered everything I wanted to know about video game sound!
Ashley Hallet