Nicolas Fernandez

Nicolas Fernandez is an audio engineer, music producer and musician with a passion for the world of audio, sound design, music, and digital media; fields that he believes are essential in the construction of a better society where social media, ethics and storytelling play a major role in the search of a more transparent and […]

Gabriel Mielnik

Gabriel Mielnik is a media composer & sound designer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and originally from Berkeley, CA. After years spent in his room experimenting with audio on his own, Gabriel started his career in 2011 as an assistant in A9 Audio, a prominent Brazilian music production agency, where he scored his first commercials, […]

Tommy Wu

I am an artist and composer from Taiwan, now based in LA, with experience in album production, multidisciplinary teamwork, and audio mixing. work covers various styles with consistency between scenes and sounds, reflecting my creative, observant, and detail- oriented mind. I am very passionate about creating magnificent vibes for audiences. Now studying at UCLA Extension […]

Miles Caraker

Miles is a senior at San Francisco State University, where he is studying for his bachelors degree in Cinema. He has long been fascinated with sound design and music, and hopes to move into game audio following his graduation. After two spending two decades immersed in the sounds of films like Star Wars, Lord of the […]