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GAI 102 VR and AR Audio Concepts and Practice

Course Description

Take a deep dive into the world of spatialized audio for VR and AR games. This course covers in-depth concepts in sound design and composition using Digital Audio Workstations, the Unity game engine, and the Steam Audio sound engine. You will need a Mac or PC computer capable of running the latest version of Unity, ZOOM and your preferred DAW. VR headset not required.

Class Schedule: February 1- March 26, 2021
Course Listing: GAI 102 {1} VR and AR Audio Concepts and Practice In Unity

  • The course runs for 8 weeks, There will be a total of 5 in person synchronous meetings, exact times TBA.
  • This is a personalized in depth hands on class and as a result, we are limiting enrollment to 10 students max.
  • All courses will be taught personally by Scott Looney, Co-Founder of GAI.
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Course Cost: $499.00 (Price includes custom GAI Game Lessons, and all course materials.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop familiarity with concepts surrounding AR/VR
  • Review Latest developments in the field
  • Explore development of spatialized audio
  • Work hands on with GAI custom Game Lessons
  • Work in Unity with spatialized audio via Steam Audio
  • Implement regular and spatialized audio in a VR based Unity Game Lesson
  • Create a Playable game for your resume and demo reel

Week By Week Breakdown

Week 1 – Feb 1st Mon 11am:
Week 2 – Feb 8- 14:
Week 3 – Feb 15 Mon 11am:
Week 4 – Feb 22 Mon 11am:
Week 5 – Mar 1-7:
Week 6 – Mar 8-14:
Week 7 – Mar 15 Mon 11am:
Week 8 – Mar 26 Fri: 11am:


all in person class meeting times are in PST (GMT-8)

Welcome/Introductions/Overview (LIVE, In Person,via ZOOM)
Spatial Audio Systems In Unity – (Read Included Materials)
HRTF/Ambisonics-What It Is/How It Works (LIVE, In Person,via ZOOM)
Designing And Implementing For a VR Game (LIVE, In Person, via ZOOM)
Introduction To Steam Audio
Designing And Implementing For a VR Game
Designing And Implementing For a VR Game (LIVE, In Person, via ZOOM)
Presentation and Critique Of Eagle Dive VR (LIVE, In Person, via ZOOM)

Questions?  Contact us at :  Steve (at) or Scott (at)

Please note: This GAI course is not offered through a college or university and the course is not eligible for academic credit upon completion. We will provide a GAI certification and a certificate of achievement upon completion. All GAI classes are designed with industry in mind to help you develop the necessary skills to give you an edge in the game industry. This instruction also tracks with some college and university courses and may offer the ability to test out of specific classes if you are attending or planning to attend a college or university program.


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