Brennan Anderson

I am a composer and technical sound designer with a passion for effective storytelling through audio. From Austin originally, I was surrounded by music and creativity my entire life and quickly worked my way into a career in game audio. I love video games because they are a great medium to tell stories, make social commentaries, and affect perceptions of various aspects of life, something which I am drawn to furthering through the artistic implementation of audio.


In this level I have focused on a simple dynamic music system. I created all of the sounds and music, then thought about how the sounds would best be suited to work in the level. In this information age, it has become increasingly useful in many professions  to have programming experience. Audio, of course, is no exception. Employees in a creative field with any amount of technical skills are highly sought after. For me it has opened creative doors and opportunities, thank you Steve and Scott!

Currently, I am working for Disney Mobile as an audio producer. I compose music, create sound effects, and implement game audio.The ability to implement my own audio within a game engine has allowed me to be a highly productive team member in situations where engineers may not have to time to implement audio themselves. It has proven to allow the entire team to function more smoothly and gives me a vast amount of control over how the game should sound. Even though implementation is technical, it is also artistic. You can create awe-inspiring music and give life to a game through impeccable sound design, but if the audio implementation is rushed by a programmers that just don’t have the time to think about how the player will respond to each piece of audio, the overall effect could have less of a lasting impact on the player.

For example, I worked on a small team of about five people. Everyone was so busy getting the game to work on the most basic levels, that they could not even think about putting in audio, much less implementing it in a way that enhances the gameplay. Because I had experience doing just that, I was able to create an audio landscape for the players to not only enjoy hearing, but to drive the gameplay through important audio feedback. The experience of learning implementation has given me insights, practices, and processes that ultimately coagulated into knowledge that allows me to make sure that the message of the audio is represented clearly and in the best way possible