Jerome Rossen

Jerome Rossen is a composer, songwriter and audio producer. He is best
known as the composer for the Happy Tree Friends, a web-based,
independent, cult sensation recognized as the most-viewed web series
of all time, with over 2 billion video views.

Jerome has created music for over 25 video games, most recently for
kids games. He is a BMI writer, a member of the Manhattan Producers
Alliance, and a NARAS voting member.

“I was excited to get a chance to use Unity 5, and I used GAI tutorial
to walk me through it. The music I put together for the breakout level
has a fun, retro feel. I used some analog synths sounds and old drum
machine kits. I also wanted to make sure the tracks had good energy,
so that the game would flow – I did this by making sure the tempo was
pretty fast.

You’ll notice that the track has melody in the intro track and I took
it out during gameplay. In a way, the sound design functions where the
melody would, so I left room in my track. Also, the track has subtle
changes every 8 bars – usually with instruments coming in or out, to
keep things interesting.”

JRossen Breakout from Jerome Rossen on Vimeo.