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This page hosts all of Game Audio Institute’s past and present products, which includes Game Lessons, Courses, and more.
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  • 3 Day Intensive Workshop


    3 Day Game Audio Intensive Workshop @ SF State

  • Day & Night – FMOD


    From the dawn of humanity, time has been defined and re-defined. Day & Night is a simple and fun adaptive exploration of creative audio design controlled by a single parameter. In this case, the parameter is time. 24 hours of time to be precise, just like real life. Your job will be to create music…

  • GAI-102: VR And AR Audio Concepts And Practice


    Take a deep dive into the world of audio for VR and AR games. The areas of Virtual and Augmented Reality are a fast growing field where technology is changing rapidly and where job openings are increasing. In this 8 week course you’ll get a thorough grounding in the latest up to date information on…

  • GAI-5006 – WVU Sound Design I_Class Bundle


    This page is expressly for students of the Sound Design I class to purchase, and includes the following items and game lessons: TestAudio Unity project Breakout Game Lesson Breakout Game Build for macOS Breakout Game Build for Windows  

  • GAI-5006 – WVU Sound Design II_Class Bundle


    This page is expressly for students of the Sound Design II class to purchase, and includes the following items and game lessons: Elevator Sound Set (zip file) FMOD Studio Example Project DayAndNight_FMOD-Student Game Lesson  

  • GAI-5007 – SFSU – Summer Pre College Session Bundle (26 Licences)


    This page is a special product page to cover the purchase of 26 bundle licenses for the TAC program at SF Conservatory of Music for the Pre College session Breakout Game Lesson Mysterious Warehouse Game Lesson  

  • MoodBoard – FMOD


    This is an excellent, easy, and exclusively music-based Game Lesson for complete beginners to audio middleware demonstrating simple interactivity with an intensity parameter that is focused mainly around FMOD Studio, bundled with a Unity project with a simple interface that triggers an intro, a looping section of different intensities, and an outro, all based on…

  • Mysterious Warehouse 2.0 – Unity Audio


    This full featured environment is the perfect place to learn about 2D and 3D audio implementation for games inside Unity. This is the same game level featured in the macProVideo tutorial ‘Implementing Audio In Unity3D’ but updated and completely revamped into a simple puzzle-based ‘escape room’ scenario. This complete overhaul revamps the look and feel…

  • Smuggler’s Dilemma 2.0 – FMOD


    This awesome third-person shooter game using FMOD Studio and Unity has been in development and testing for years at various schools, and we’re happy to release it to the public for the first time. Get your mind expanded and and your hands dirty in this FMOD Studio based simple shooter project that covers all the…