Eagle Dive VR – Unity Audio


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In our first VR Game Lesson, you will swoop and turn as you catch fish as an eagle competing with other eagles in a idyllic mountain setting. This is your chance to learn about how to implement spatialized audio using Google’s Resonance Audio in GAI’s first VR based Game Lesson for the HTC Vive/Vive Pro and Mac/PC desktop. In this hand-on lesson you’ll you’ll get a chance to put your own sound and music into a third-person VR game. A VR headset is not required, as the spatialized audio will work fine on Mac and PC desktops, but for the full immersive experience you’ll need an HTC Vive or Vive Pro and a Windows computer.

This game is a stationary experience that allows you to play standing or seated.

Requires Unity 2019.1 or later installed and will not work with any earlier version of Unity.

You’ll receive:

*Unity 3D Game Lesson
*Step-By-Step Guide
*Video Tutorial