Smuggler’s Dilemma 2.0 – FMOD


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This awesome third-person shooter game using FMOD Studio and Unity has been in development and testing for years at various schools, and we’re happy to release it to the public for the first time. Get your mind expanded and and your hands dirty in this FMOD Studio based simple shooter project that covers all the bases of implementing sound, music and VO assets into FMOD Studio Events and then after downloading and installing the (not included) FMOD Unity integration, triggering these in various ways inside the game itself in the Unity Editor. At the end you’ll make a fully contained build you can use for sharing with friends or for portfolio purposes to land work in the industry.

Version 2.0 features and improved music system, updated lighting, and more!


You’ll receive:

*Unity 3D Game Lesson
*FMOD Studio Project
*Step-By-Step Guide
*Video Tutorial