June @ San Francisco State University

A fun and intensive hands on workshop and practical training in the art and craft of Game Audio with an emphasis on the exciting new worlds of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality!

  • Featuring:
    Steve Horowitz, SFSU Faculty, and Scott Looney from the Game Audio Institute
  • Join us late June at San Francisco State university for 4 amazing days of
    High Level hands on training.
  • For any and all questions contact Steve: shorowitz@mail.sfsu.edu
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Workshop Schedule for 2019 Workshop

Day 1

  • 12-1pm
    • Opening keynote, Discussion and Introductions
    • Key Concepts in Sound For Games
    • Industry Breakdown
  • Lunch 1-2
  • 2-5pm
    • Unity hands on with Content Creation and implementation
      • Game Lesson: Breakout

Day 2

  • 12-1pm
    • Getting to know Unity, navigation and more in depth
    • Middleware Tutorial and FMOD hands on
  • Lunch 1-2pm
  • 2-5pm
    • Creating great game audio – hands on in FMOD
    • Implementing FMOD/Middleware in Unity
      • Game Lesson: Day to Night

Day 3

  • 12-1pm
    • A close up look at Audio For Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other cool new emerging Markets and devices.
  • Lunch 1-2pm
  • 2-5pm
    • Working with a VR game, hands on
      • Game Lesson: Eagle’s Gift

Day 4

  • 12-1pm
    • Summation & Topics
  • Lunch 1-2
  • 2-4
    • Breakout Sessions
      • Wwise
      • Advanced Teacher Training
      • Generative/Procedural Audio
      • And More based on Attendee Interests…!
  • 4pm-6pm
    • Pizza and Industry Panel
      • Featuring
        • Matt Levine: Producer, App Developer
        • Brennan Anderson: Audio Lead, Crystal Dynamics
        • Brendan Wolf: Pollen Music Group


Who Should Attend
If you are a teacher looking to gain skills and bring this into your classroom or a beginner looking to find out more about how to break into the business, a film or TV composer who wants to find out more about the differences between linear and non-linear media, or even a game industry veteran who just wants to get current on the latest developments, this workshop is not to be missed!

Learn about Game Audio from the experts who wrote the book! With over 20 years of experience, Steve and Scott are uniquely qualified to help you to understand the dynamic world of sound for games!

The video game industry is in a state of flux. Tidal shifts are rippling through the waters as new delivery systems, next generation consoles, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and new middleware solutions emerge. In this three day intensive hands on Workshop, Game Audio gurus Steve Horowitz and Scott Looney will prepare you to deal with this new world of game audio.

What will happen
Attendees will use, a DAW like ProTools or Logic or Abelton, along with popular game audio middleware such as FMOD, Wwise and Fabric in conjunction with UNITY 3d to construct a complete audio experience for a game. This is your chance to supercharge your understanding of how sound works in games with the latest from FMOD studio, Wwise, Fabric and more.This workshop will also have a special emphasis on sound for VR. We will look a existing platforms as well as new and exciting emerging devises.

Game Audio is a tricky business. There is a lot of information to cover and it’s hard to know it all. Most importantly one must have an understanding of workflow & how interactive media differs in its process from linear media like film and TV.

Using SFSU’s state of the art lab, each student will have their own computer workstation and all the software needed pre-installed and ready to go. Steve and Scott will guide attendees through the process of implementing music, SFX and voice over from the recorded stage through the process of preparing and integrating these elements into a specially designed game lessons in UNITY.