About GAI

We started the Game Audio Institute based on our experience in the classroom over the last decade, where we have been developing curriculum and teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses in game audio. Interactive media is very different from linear media like film and TV. The current state of game audio education often glosses over this point completely. Can you image a film scoring class where there was no discussion of Digital Audio Workstations? Game audio students and professionals alike, must understand what’s under the hood of a game engine. They must be able to speak the language of game design and implementation. They don’t have to be programmers, but they must have a general understanding of how games work.

Our goal is to educate a new generation of game audio professionals. We want composers, sound designers, producers and audio professionals of all kinds to be familiar and comfortable with the very unique workflow associated with sound for games and interactive environments.

where we’re at

If you’re looking for the Game Audio Institute official website, then look no further – this is it! If, like the rest of us, you’re used to getting your content in a more streamlined way, we’ve got options for that, too. For example, did you know Game Audio Institute has a Discord channel? Thant’s right! If you’re stuck on a particular game audio problem, the GAI Discord channel is a quick way to get help. Furthermore, the Game Audio Institute YouTube channel is a useful resource for those looking to sharpen their game audio toolset. Interested in how audio for Unity works? Check it out, and be sure to subscribe!

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