Designing Music Now Interview With Steve Horowitz


In the game audio circles, Steve Horowitz needs no introduction. He is one of the foremost figures in the field, and has pioneered not only music, but is also dedicated to education and music organizations such as IASIG and AES.  Steve is a multi-tool athlete – he composes for film, games and is the leader of several bands and personal projects. His education at Cal Arts ensured that the music he produces for his own projects are highly original, unique and full of contrast, often within the same piece. One moment beautiful, another haunting. One moment funny, another deadly serious.  It is hard to put in a box this creative genius that some have described as a force of nature!

Some of his eclectic spirit is captured in this interview, where we also showcase some of the breadth of music styles Steve has blessed us with over the years.  I cannot think of a more enthusiastic proponent of game audio, game music and music in general than Steve.  We are all better for his being a part of this wonderful community.

I first met Steve at a seminar he does around the world with Scott Looney via his game audio school, the Game Audio Institute.  Richard Warp, another DMN editor, wrote about his experience at one Steve and Scott gave in NYC.  For upcoming seminars, check out the Game Audio Institute Facebook page.

This interview was done last year, and Steve is always moving forward driven by an insatiable creative force we all wish we could posses.  He has come out with a new website where you can download all of his scores from Sheet Music Plus.  He has come out with a breathtaking new album, which was wonderfully reviewed on Sensitive Skin Magazine.  My favorite quote from that review is:

I love that I recognize Steve in his work regardless if it’s music for a Sponge Bob Game or nearly impossible 12-tone serial compositions for the band. This is to say, Steve has a voice, a uniquely strange, coherent incoherence that might make you dance or might make you wonder if there was something funny in the punch.

You can check out that album on iTunes here:

I have included some clips from three of Steve’s newest games that he produced as Audio Director of Nickelodeon:  TMNT Portal PowerShimmer and Shine, and TMNT Battle Match.
Steve is full of knowledge and super fun to be around, and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!!!

The Video Interview

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DMN Podcast – Ep. 16 – Composer and Audio Director Steve Horowitz

More About Steve Horowitz, American Composer

Steve Horowitz is a creator of odd but highly accessible sounds and a diverse and prolific musician. Steve’s 30-year career integrates his experiences as a band leader with his explorations as a multi faceted composer. Horowitz has a large catalog of music for traditional and unusual ensembles such as: string quartet, woodwind quartet, orchestra, Disklavier, solo contrabass flute, large electro-acoustic chamber ensemble and his band the Code International.

For his full bio, head over to his new website.

Article originally published by Dale Crowley of Designing Music Now June 6th, 2016