Game Audio Institute (GAI) Expands Digital Course Offerings

The next generation of interactive audio pros have turned to GAI since 2012; students have gone on to award-winning careers at PlayStation, Riot Games, Disney, Skywalker Sound

Students anywhere in the world can now enroll in affordable, practical classes, including “AR & VR Audio Concepts and Practice in Unity,” beginning April 4

SAN FRANCISCO, CA March 8, 2022—The Game Audio Institute (GAI) today announced the expansion of its digital course offerings to allow students anywhere in the world to tap into the educational upstart’s decade of success preparing the next generation of interactive audio professionals for award-winning careers at PlayStation, Riot Games, Disney, and Skywalker Sound. The curriculum expansion includes a new AR/VR course, along with Patreon community, interactive game lessons, and more.

“We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time,” said Steve Horowitz, Audio Director, Nickelodeon Digital & Co-Founder of GAI. “Between what has been happening in the world and developments within the industry, we are overdue for a tangible, affordable solution for educating and empowering the next generation.”

“GAI is a Bay Area institution, which until now, has provided limited offerings to students not fortunate enough to attend one of their in-person classes or traveling workshops,” said Michael Kim, Audio Specialist, Owlchemy Labs. “With this new and expanded digital curriculum, the industry is about to get a lot closer to its goals for greater gender, racial and class diversity.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Game Industry Career Guide’s latest research, which finds that audio engineers working on AAA games are being paid over $300,000 per project and freelancers earn $30,000 per project. The bottom line: the industry invests in the latest and greatest talent, yet when it comes to sourcing, studios tend to rely on outdated job titles, personal referrals, and other outdated methods, which is why the demographics of the industry haven’t changed on pace with the rest of society.

“We have been working long and hard to highlight this inequity and push back against such gatekeeping,” added Horowitz. “It’s also why we not only made our classes more affordable, but also added more personalized tools such as portfolio reviews. We know that our students need to work harder to get noticed and if they are all willing to put in the extra hours then so are we.”

Students can enroll in real-time courses or learn at their own pace via subscription content. “AR & VR Audio Concepts and Practice in Unity” features both synchronous and asynchronous lessons and the course is filling up quickly, as they limit enrollment to 15 students in order to provide personalized instruction.

About Game Audio Institute (GAI)

Founded by Steve Horowitz (CEO) and Scott Looney (CTO), the Game Audio Institute has been educating students and teachers on the fundamentals of interactive audio for more than a decade. We have found that the best way to learn about game audio is inside the game itself. Our classroom- tested courses and detailed game lessons get right to the heart of the special nature of adaptive media, with many of our students going on to work for some of the world’s top game companies. Thousands of students have taken our courses and gone on to successful careers at PlayStation, Disney, Riot Games, and Skywalker Sound. GAI recently expanded its online capabilities to allow anyone in the US, regardless of income level, to benefit from what we have to offer. To browse our courses, visit: Game Audio Institute is creating game audio-focused courses, tutorials, and hands-on lessons. | Patreon


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