Tommy Wu: Day & Night


University of California Los Angeles Extension

Day & Night FMOD

I am an artist and composer from Taiwan, now based in LA, with experience in album production, multidisciplinary teamwork, and audio mixing. work covers various styles with consistency between scenes and sounds, reflecting my creative, observant, and detail-oriented mind. I am very passionate about creating magnificent vibes for audiences. Now studying at UCLA Extension as a film scoring student, I took the game scoring class and tried to develop more advanced knowledge in the game audio area.

I divided Day & Night into 3 sections. The first part was from midnight to morning. I tried to create a peaceful and calm vibe, so I used a synth pad as my backing track and used the flute as my main melody. In the second part from morning too evening, I tended to have more activity. I added percussion and kept using the flute as my main instrument. The final part was from evening to midnight. More active than in the daytime, I wanted to build an energetic feeling here. As a result, I composed the rhythm part by using viola and percussion using staccato flute to enhance the energy. As for process, I composed all the music in Logic Pro and exported it to FMOD to set all the parameters which included time (24 hours), transitions, and main music loop. In the beginning, I was struggling with the transitions because it didn’t sound seamless. Then, I tweaked the loop region and also changed some notes to make it loop seamlessly. Eventually, I exported everything and implemented into the GAI Unity Game Lesson.