What Better Way To Learn About Game Audio Than Inside A Game?

Created by teachers, for both teachers and students, each of our carefully developed Game Lessons are designed to give you the tools to either do it yourself or help your students integrate their own designs into a real time gaming environment. Built using the Unity game engine, each downloadable level comes with a comprehensive step by step lesson plan to help you or your students master the main concepts involved in designing and integrating sound for games. After you experience the thrill of taking your music, sound effects and voice-over, and putting them inside an actual game, movie clips just won’t cut it!

Game Lesson purchases include lesson plans, rubrics, video walkthroughs, and teachers keys. This is one stop shopping for Unity Audio, FMOD, Wwise, Fabric and more! All of our levels and lesson plans have been personally classroom tested by Scott Looney and Steve Horowitz.